Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2012

Concert Hall of Mariinsky Theatre. Auxiliary Premises

The Concert Hall, together with the historic building of the Mariinsky Theater, and its New Stage known as Mariinsky-2, constitutes a large theater and concert complex. After a fire broke out in September 2003, it was decided to build a new Concert Hall on the site of the old building of Stage Props Workshops.

A.Len Architectural Bureau designed auxiliary buildings next to the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theater, housing a restaurant, a cafe, a music store, and rehearsal rooms.

The look of the building continues the motifs of the prior stage of construction. Longitudinal facades feature a rhythmic pattern of repeating modular elements with large glazing surfaces. The end sections are of more dynamic design with red-brick relief textures resembling the folds of the theater curtain.

39 Dekabristov street, Saint Petersburg, Russia (courtyard wing)
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S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
R.V. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
A.G. Vainer - chief engineer of the project
E.S. Oreshkina - architect