Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2009

«Olympic Village» Residential Complex

The elite residential complex occupies a separate territory on the banks of the Malaya Nevka river. it includes: two apartment buildings, town houses, underground Parking and a sports complex with a swimming pool and tennis court.

In the basement floors of residential buildings there are built-in Parking lots and technical rooms, starting from the first floor – apartments. The total number of Parking spaces is 384. The total number of apartments is 560. Building 4 is a sports complex.

10 Vyazovaya st., Krestovsky island, Saint Peterburg, Russia
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Facts and Figures
Team of authors
Project year
Year of construction
Land area
28,996 sq. m
Building area
8,545 sq m
Area of the residential complex
34,800 sq m
Area of the sports complex
5,950 sq m
Residential building 1, 3
4 367 sq m
Residential building 2
1 000 sq. m.
Underground Parking garage
13,500 sq m
The area of pavement
11 191 sq m
The area of landscaping
9 260 sqm
S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
A. A. Nikandrov - chief architect of the project
R. V. Andreeva, A. E. Yablokov, E. S. Oreshkina-architects
N. Y. Shaporin - photographer
Commissioned by: ASK «Nothern project» Co