Voronezh, Russia — 2017

«Academy» Sports Complex

The project of the sports complex consists of two volumes-building blocks that complement each other both functionally and aesthetically. The first block is a triangular fitness center with halls for tennis, karting, mini-football and other sports. The second volume is a sports complex for sports swimming with 2 swimming pools, bleachers for 600 spectators, changing rooms and facilities for customer service.

The combination of different functional spaces in one volume of different heights is emphasized by the architectural solution of the facades of the sports complex. From the street side, light facades made of composite panels are cut by dynamic ribbon stained-glass Windows that emphasize the sports orientation of the structure. On the Park side, almost the entire area of the facade is covered by a stained glass window covered with a structure of metal perforated cassettes. A large amount of glazing allows you to visually combine the internal space of the main halls with the adjacent terrace and the territory of the Park, making maximum use of the site's specific characteristics. The compositional structure and proportions of the building with one underground and five above-ground floors are solved in the original motives of modern architecture.

6A 60-letiya VLKSM str., Voronezh, Russia
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Facts and Figures
Team of authors
Year of design
draft project
Total area
16 182 sq m
Hamina group of companies
S. Oreshkin - project manager
R. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
E. Kretova, A. Svetozarov, A. Khramova - architects