Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2016

«Skandi Klubb» Residential Complex

     Together with the Swedish architectural company Semrén & Månsson

    The building is going to be erected in the part of Petrogradskaya Storona which was meant for the development in the beginning of the 20th century. That was a period when our country actively explored new construction technologies and materials. This very line is continued in the current project. Modern facing materials used for the facades shall emphasize the compositional elements which conform to the residential blocks of the past.

The complex presents four residential groups divided from the West to the East by a passage that connects  Medikov Avenue and Aptekarsky alley with the public zone and transforms into the kindergarten playgrounds. The height, configuration and mutual alignment of the blocks are chosen according to the conditions of insolation and lighting , as well as the fire protection requirements.

The complex consists of the following objects: the supermarket (total trading area is up to 1000sq.m.), commercial premises that are located in the buildings’ first floors and face Medikov Avenue and the internal public passage, and also the commercial kindergartens meant for 100 places.

18 A, Aptekarsky pr., Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Team of authors
Project year
Year of construction
S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
A.G. Weiner - Chief Project Engineer
R.V. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
E.A. Belyat, E.S. Oreshkina - architects
A.V. Gushchin – photographer