Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2007

Hotel and social&business complex

A joint project of A.Len Architectural Bureau with the Austrian Bureau Soyka/Silber/Soyka Architecten is renovation of the industrial territory of the former San Galli factory on Ligovsky Prospekt in St.Petersburg.

The construction of a single building in the form of a ridge at the base allows you to open a view of the garden from the windows of all office buildings - «teeth» connected by a common lintel. The facades of the buildings have wide window openings, between which rectangular protrusions are scattered in a «random» order.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of design
  • Construction area
    17 994,3 sq m
  • Total area of the building
    96 718 sq m
  • Stage
    draft project
  • S. Oreshkin - project manager
  • A. A. Nikandrov -chief architect of the project
  • Together with Soyka / Silber / Soyka Architekten
  • Drawings