Behind this word there are many phases, stages and sub-stages, drafts, design materials and approvals thereof. There is also a creative search and a systematic approach, there are meetings and a range of diverse opinions, innovative solutions and approvals for their implementation, for construction.

A.Len’s services include:

  • General Design: development of projects of any degree of complexity “from scratch” to “key-ready”;
  • Preliminary Assessment of the development possibilities of a land plot, scenarios of deployment, including assessment of the possibility of deviation from the limit parameters of permitted construction, reconstruction of capital construction facilities;
  • Design Concept creation;
  • Project Branding;
  • Documentation preparation to obtain permission for a Conditionally Authorized Use of Land Plot (URVI);
  • Development of materials for Architectural and Urban Planning Appearance (AGO or AGR) of a construction project;
  • Development of Scheme Design / Full Conceptual Design documentation (PD) and Detailed Design documentation (RD) for new construction projects and for reconstruction of buildings and facilities;
  • Agreement of projects in all necessary authorities;
  • Designer supervision over project implementation;
  • Creation of an interior in a house, business center or other purpose facility;
  • Design of the exterior, harmoniously matching the construction project with the surrounding environment.

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