Novosibirsk, Russia

Park for the «Taiginsky» Residential Complex

The park complex is a continuation of the architectural concept of the Tayginskiy Park residential complex

«Taiginsky Park» Residential Complex

The Architectural Bureau A.Len has developed an architectural and planning concept to develop the territory at the address: Tayginskaya Street, Novosibirsk as well as the concept of a park area adjacent to the lake.

The conceptual solution of the public spaces of Tayginskiy Park was based on the structural principle of the river. Its source (Tayginskaya Street) is a channel – a boulevard that leads residents to the park, branches, and canals – a variety of paths for walking, cycling, running have been planned in the park. The smooth flowing shapes of the paths with soft curves reflect the concept of the «Park-River». Rivers always run towards the sea, and in this project, the point of attraction is the lake and its embankment, to which all paths lead.

To ensure activity throughout the entire park, points of attraction need to be placed correctly. The main points of attraction in the park will be the embankment, cafés, the event square, and the lighthouse tower.

In accordance with the concept of the park as a river delta, the boulevard splits into branches and tributaries when it enters the park. The main hiking trails lead to the embankment with an observation deck. «Branches of the river» in the form of bicycle and pedestrian trails skirt the entire perimeter of the park, connecting the main points of attraction.

Secondary points of attraction will be: a lilac garden separating the park from the courtyard area of the building and sites with activities. In the most remote points from residential buildings, there is a playground for walking dogs, a playground for roller skating and scooters, and a universal playground for mini-football, basketball, and volleyball.

Tennis courts are located on the square of events. In winter, a Christmas tree will be decorated on the square, and in its immediate vicinity, an ice rink will be set up instead of the courts.

Between the main and secondary routes, additional connections appear, allowing a change in direction at any time and arrival at the desired point by the shortest way.

There are sports and children’s playgrounds removed from the territory of residential buildings. All sports grounds have a different functional diversity: from sports equipment for work-out to chess tables. Playgrounds are also divided by types of activity and age groups of children. Near the square of the café, there is a rental point for bicycles and other equipment as well as a sanitary unit. On the same territory, there will be gazebos for quiet rest and grilling areas.

In addition to the improved park, the project also proposed improvement ideas for the boulevard and courtyards; they will have their own, calmer and more restrained areas for recreation and games.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Stage
    Draft Project
  • Land Area
    111 387 sq. m
  • Apartments Area
    160 000 sq. m
  • Client
    LLC «KPD-Gazstroy»
  • Official Website
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • R. Andreeva, E. Oreshkina — Chief Architects of the project
  • M.Shalina, A. Svetozarov, R. Yumagulova, A.Shchetinin, S. Alexandrov, E. Beliat, E. Kuznetsova, S.Vybornov, A.Khramova — Architects
  • L. Shergin — Chief Engineer of the Project