Voronezh, Russia

«Gran-Pri» 2nd stage, Residential Complex

The residential complex is a continuation of the «Gran-Pri» architectural ensemble:

«Gran-Pri» Club House

The second stage of the residential complex Gran-Pri is included in the general ensemble Gran-Pri in the city of Voronezh while remaining a self-contained architectural object. Designs of the two stages were developed by the Architectural Bureau A.Len.

The connection with the clubhouse Gran-Pri is made through an integrated volumetric-spatial and color design:

·         the commercial line is represented by a united front and is framed by the Gran-Pri signature golden ribbon;

·         the volumetric and spatial composition of Gran-Pri is uses the COLOR BLOCK technique: the Gran-Pri color scheme of the 2nd stage echoes the palette of the existing building of the first stage;

·         the Gran-Pri building of the 2nd stage is a reflection of cutting-edge architectural trends combined with sure classics.

The basis for the architectural concept was the very famous American manufactories located on the central streets of New York and rebuilt at one time into luxurious housing in the loft style.

The shaping is based on a system of blocks, each of which has its own image. The basis for the architectural design of the building is brick façades that are a successful fit with the city’s historical context. The use of traditional techniques and ornamental brickwork is a rethinking of historical architecture and revitalizes it in a new, up-to-date version.

The project offers both traditional apartments with optimal layout and zoning, and exclusive apartments with terraces, duplex apartments with a second-level space, apartments with bay windows, apartments with a window in the bathroom, with French balconies and arched windows. Bay windows, enlarged windows, open terraces – all this lets the maximum natural light into the house and provides an enjoyable view of the city and the nearby square.

Dark blocks, rushing upwards, symbolize the new architecture of Voronezh. The combination of several façade techniques creates a textured and dynamic image. The building is not only a high-rise dominant in the city but also personifies the intersection of eras, styles and, undoubtedly, will become the city’s hallmark.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Design Phase
    Design Concept
  • Plot Area
    8 611 sq.m
  • Global Building Area (GBA)
    35 899 sq.m
  • Residential Area
    17 773 sq.m
  • Client
    Group of companies Hamina
  • Official Website
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • R. Andreeva — Chief Architect of the Project
  • E. Kretova, P. Kochnev, E. Belyat, V. Shlyaga, E. Belova, A. Kusov, Y. Bushmanov, R. Yumagulova — Architects