Novosibirsk, Russia

«Okolitsa» Residential Complex

The «Okolitsa» district in Novosibirsk is part of the large-scale A.Len master plan with an area of ​​more than 100 hectares. The residential complex is located at the intersection of Krasny Prospekt, Grebenshchikov and Krause streets. Clean air and green landscapes around make the location suitable for living in harmony with nature.
«Okolitsa» Residential Complex received the status of a soulful area, which is ideal for family life: there is a lot of greenery around the houses, and the infrastructure is well developed. Within walking distance — a school and kindergartens, sports complexes and shopping centers. The developer "KPD-Gazstroy" promises to pay maximum attention to the creation of infrastructure for those who love outdoor recreation, lead an active lifestyle and cannot imagine it without sports.

Conceptual solution

According to the A. Len project, a linear structure with 3 rows of houses, formed in turn into 4 groups, was adopted as the basis for the urban planning solution of the site. The groups are separated from each other by open surface parking lots, so the yards remain safe and without cars. There is also a separate multi-level parking outside the territory of the yards.
Inside the groups of houses there are sports, children's playgrounds, and areas for quiet recreation. Between them it is proposed to place a system of bike paths. The quarter is formed by 2 continuous boulevards with an abundance of greenery and herbs, various coatings and functional zoning.

Facade solutions

The linear building structure of the site is quite calm. The main facades are painted in dark or light shades without the use of textures. However, in the residential complex there are accent blocks with contrasting, saturated color combinations. Each group of houses has its own accent color. This technique simplifies orientation in space, makes it easy to identify your house among others, defuse the strict linear building and give it dynamism.

Intersection of Krasny Prospekt, Grebenshchikov and Krause streets, Novosibirsk
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Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Design Phase / Services
    Design Concept, Masterplan
  • Plot Area
    83 688 sq. m
  • Residential Area
    99 170 sq. m
  • Global Leasing Area (GLA)
    4 870 sq. m
  • Number of Floors
    8-17 Floors
  • Client
    LLC «KPD-Gazstroy»
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  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • E. Oreshkina — Chief Project Architect
  • L. Shergin — Chief Project Engineer
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