Saint Petersburg, Russia

«The Chapaev Street House» Residential Building

Sergey Oreshkin: «This building project was inspired by the romantic spirit of the Petrogradskaya Side — a neomodern, fairytale tower house with its knitted and lacy architecture».   

Petrogradsky Island, the famous Petrogradskaya Side, is a district of Saint-Petersburg that in the 19th century turned into a fashionable venue, providing nowadays a site for a few dozens of modern residential and public buildings.

The architectural concept of «Chapaeva 16» apartment complex is realized to the colorful Northern Romantic style intrinsic to the historical development of the Petrogradskaya Side of the late 19th early 20th century. This building has an interesting stepped architecture and a piecewise inclined roof typical of the Northern Romantic style. 

A gorgeous gothic weathercock tower dominates the 10-storey building. Spacious terraces are located on the complex’s top floors; all apartments have protruding classical or French, or recessed glassed-in balconies or bow windows. One can enjoy a unique panoramic view of Saint Petersburg historic center from the terraces and balconies. The beautiful front façade with its various exterior design elements makes the building particularly attractive. Patterned cast balcony and terrace railings to the historic Northern Romantic style, as well as attractive stained-glass panels catch one’s eye, too.

«Chapaeva 16» apartment complex consists of 130 apartments- from studio- to 4-room apartments of convenient and different contemporary layouts. Wooden and aluminum-frame triple-pane glasses with an increased sound absorption coefficient and energy efficiency are installed. The apartments are equipped with Finnish full-time mechanical natural draft ventilation system, enabling a maximum comfortable microclimate. Some apartments have panoramic windows. The stained-glass panels are aluminum-framed and shock-proof.

There are two entrance spaces in the building, including spacious lobbies, reception zones and waiting areas for guests, as well as the pram storage rooms. The Northern Romantic style is highlighted by the individually designed lobbies with beautiful wall panel pictures, peculiar lamps and other design elements. 

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • A.Vainer, A. Isaev, S.Vasilyev — Chief Engineers
  • R. Andreeva — Chief Architect of the project
  • O. Grebnev — Chief Designer
  • V. Ivanov, M. Newchina, A.Shukshina — Architects